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5th Professional Edition

5th Professional Edition


With all of the content of the Consumer Edition, this guide also offers additional insight into the science of supplementation.

At just CA$27.95, this larger edition also features updated product ratings and several new products that were not available when the Consumer Edition was published in 2013.

Get your copy today.

News Release, January 31, 2014

Is Vitamin E Really Good For Me?

NutriSearch receives many inquiries about media reports that vitamin and mineral supplements are not useful for disease prevention. Often, these media reports are simply misunderstandings of the science; other times, there appears to be a more insidious intent.

Recent reports of a study showing that vitamin E is not helpful, even harmful, are based on a study that seems designed to fail. The researchers conducted their study using only synthetic vitamin E, not natural vitamin E in all its forms.

The Orthomolecular Medicine News Service takes a look at why that matters in a January, 2014 News Release.


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Our Mission

nutrisearch_logo_100x100NutriSearch's mission is to provide consumers with scientifically based information about dietary supplements, particularly multiple vitamin and mineral supplements, so they can choose the best supplement for their particular needs.

Included in that mission is the necessity of examining not only the nutrients included in a supplement, but also the balance of those ingredients, manufacturing practices, including testing, and other quality control concerns.
About the Author

Author and Biochemist, Lyle MacWilliam, MSc, FP

Lyle MacWilliam with Dog     Marley In 1998, author, educator and biochemist, Lyle MacWilliam, began a search for a vitamin and mineral supplement for his family.

A year later, the first Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements was produced, and MacWilliam Communications Inc. was born.  

The company later included Northern Dimensions Publishing, a publishing enterprise focused on nutrition and health science.

In 2007, Northern Dimensions Publishing was purchased by NutriSearch Corporation, which took over responsibility for the research and writing of the Comparatiive Guide series. MacWilliam remains President of NutriSearch. 

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